Audio Delights 476 (Mashup Delights)

The complete list of songs streamed on October 4th, 2023 at

-1. Orbital vs Opus III feat Kirsty Hawkshaw – Halcyon + It’s a Fine Day
0. Clue (1985) – I’m Not Shouting
1. Queen feat Sly Fox, The Temptations, Metallica, & Jackson 5 – We Will Pop, Funk, Rock, and Soul You (Bill McClintock Mashup)
2. Blur vs Nirvana – Song 2 vs Smells Like Teen Spirit
3. DJ Cummerbund – Scatman’s Theme
4. Blondie vs The Doors – Rapture Riders
5. The Beatles vs Isaac Hayes feat Massive Attack, Portishead, & Hooverphonic – Things We Walk On by Today (BRAT Mashup)
6. Kelis feat Micheal Jackson – Billie’s Milkshake (Casual Connection Mash Up)
7. Depeche Mode vs Soft Cell – Tainted Jesus (lobsterdust Mashup)
8. David Bowie vs Nine Inch Nails – Closer to Fame (Marcelo FT Mashup)
9. Air Supply vs Puff Daddy – Lost in Love (I’ll Be Missing You)
10. Fleetwood Mac vs Massive Attack – Rhiannon’s Teardrop (BRAT Mashup)
11. George Michael vs Billy Idol – Careless Rebel (Wax Audio Mashup)
12. Janet Jackson vs Madonna – Vogue Escapade (Parralox Mashup)
13. DJ Schmolli – Bananarammstein
14. Depeche Mode vs Florence + The Machine vs Imogen Heap – (Find Myself) A Heap of Love (LeeDM101 Mashup)
15. DJ Cummerbund – Pretty Fly for Rasputin
16. CeCe Peniston vs Within Temptation – Finally Faster (Bill McClintock Mashup)
17. No Doubt vs Talk Talk – It’s My Life (DJ Moondog Mashup)
18. Ashley O vs Nine Inch Nails – On a Roll vs Head Like a Hole (SemiEvolved Mashup)
19. Siouxsie and The Banshees vs Róisín Murphy – Ramalama Boo!
20. The Beatles vs LCD Soundsystem vs The Kinks – You Really Gotta Get Back to My House
21. The Prodigy vs Metallica – Breathe and Destroy (Wax Audio Mashup)
22. Suicidal Tendencies vs Carpenters – Institutionalized, For All We Know (BRAT Mashup)
23. New Order vs Depeche Mode vs Daft Punk – Harder, Better Blue Master & Faster, Stronger Monday Servant (Sterbinszky & Coddie Mashup)
24. Front 242 vs Will Smith – Terminally Black (Violet Wanda Mashup)
25. Fleetwood Fire – You Make September Fun (Bill McClintock Mashup)
26. Snap! vs Survivor – The Power of the Tiger
27. Don McLean vs Black Eyed Peas – I Got an American Pie Feelin’
28. Dramarama vs Culture Club – Do You Really Want to Give Me Anything, Anything? (BRAT Mashup)
29. Hall & Oates vs Nine Inch Nails – I Can’t Get Closer for That
30. DJ Cummerbund – WarMCA
31. Al Green vs Phil Collins – Coming Together (Dank Zappa Mashup)
32. Los Disturbados – Stuparena (Bill McClintock Mashup)
33. Billy Idol vs Berlin – White Wedding Sex (DJ Bueller 80s vs 80s Mashup)
34. David Bowie vs Tori Amos – Caugh in a Deranged Sneeze (Wax Audio Mashup)
35. Echo & The Bunnymen vs UNKLE – Follow Me Down to the Killing Moon (BRAT Mashup)
36. Donna Summer vs INXS – I Feel You Tonight
37. Blam! – Wake Me Up Before You Go Go to the Grave (Bill McClintock Mashup)
38. Blondie vs New Order – Atomic Monday (Parralox Mashup)
39. Siouxsie and The Banshees vs David Bowie vs Sly Fox – Kiss Fame All the Way (DJ Bueller 80s vs 80s Mashup)
40. Michael Jackson vs The Weeknd feat Daft Punk – I Feel Human Nature (Calb Mashup)
41. The Cure vs Bat for Lashes – A Daniel Forest (Thriftshop XL’s Obvious Mashup)
42. Judas James – Super Rock Hard (Bill McClintock Mashup)
43. Soft Cell vs UNKLE – Tainted, Broken Love (BRAT Mashup)
44. B-Movie feat Sylvester – Nowhere Girl (Tony M2 Mashup)
45. Neil Cicierega – T.I.M.E.
46. Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses (Choral Remix)