Audio Delights is a music video DJ stream hosted by wonkknow at, 5 days a week. wonkknow (all lowercase) is a neurodivergent, non-binary writer, DJ, and editor. They were originally a (mostly rave) DJ from 1999-2007 and returned to DJing in 2020 right before the pandemic, now specialising in music video DJing (VJing). wonkknow obtains music videos from a number of sources/services and gets the best possible quality available. They also remaster audio and/or video on certain videos, as well as create their own music video edits for songs that don’t already have videos (some of this work you can see on

Audio Delights is a celebration of all music of any genre that moves the body and the spirit. This philosophy is put into practice during each of the 5 different themed streams every week:

Sundays @ 3pm PT – We enjoy a different theme. It could be a specific artist or decade or genre. You vote and decide every week.

Mondays @ 3pm PT – Alternative Delights: We explore the alternative side of music. Goth rock, darkwave, post-punk, industrial, EBM, synthpop, futurepop, and more.

Tuesdays @ 3pm PT – Rainbow Delights: We celebrate the queer community by featuring exclusively LGBTQIA+ musicians and performers of all genres, classic and contemporary.

Wednesdays @ 3pm PT – Dance Delights: We move to the beat with a mix of club hits, modern dance tunes, remixes, and underground rave selections.

Thursdays @ 3pm PT – 80s Delights: We relive the neon decade of excess with a wide selection of music videos from 1980-1989.

Join us at Twitch to celebrate music and be delighted. Also, keep an eye/ear out for a David Bowie track played at least once during every single stream.